Conference Sessions

IVANS Connect sessions cover industry topics for business, marketing and technical participants, focusing on innovative solutions and opportunities across a broad spectrum of the business – personal, commercial, specialty lines and claims.

The morning sessions will feature an insightful keynote from leading industry analyst firm Strategy Meets Action, discussing the convergence of the traditional and the new distribution models that will create an updated and new generation of the industry rather than the disruption of the industry that some predict. Sessions will discuss opportunities the latest industry developments and technology innovation are providing to revolutionize distribution and capitalize on the independent agency channel to drive premium growth.

The afternoon will feature two educational tracks – technical and business – to dive into peer-driven best practices on connectivity technology implementations and the opportunity to create a connected agency experience for your agent partners. You also will gain an exclusive look into what is coming next for IVANS and advancements in insurer-MGA-agency connectivity.

Session Descriptions

Keynote Presented by SMA: When Worlds Collide: The Convergence of InsurTech with Traditional Insurance
At SMA, we foresee a convergence of the traditional and the new that will create an updated and new generation of the industry rather than the disruption (and perhaps destruction) of the industry that some predict. It’s a fact that very few of the new entrants want to go it completely alone when it comes to meeting regulatory and capital requirements, underwriting the risk, and managing the end-to-end insurance value chain. Instead, they tend to create value in specific areas that might mesh nicely into areas in need of enhancement at existing insurers. Thus – the emergence of convergence – or the bringing together of the new, innovative companies and capabilities with the traditional elements of established businesses. Join this keynote session to review the partnering opportunities to combine the best of the old with the best of the new in five key strategic areas.

Transforming Distribution in Digital Era Part 1: IVANS Markets
Distribution of commercial insurance is changing. Gain a unique view of the distribution landscape through Market Insights. Learn how IVANS Markets is further supporting the efforts of carriers to improve distribution management, drive in appetite submissions and write profitable business.

Transforming Distribution in Digital Era Part 2: Comparative Rating and Its Role in the Industry
Learn how the industry is integrating with comparative raters, through XML interfaces or Live Fill processes. Learn what a tighter integration with management systems means to Comparative Raters. Can we learn from the UK? See the latest survey results on Comparative Raters. Where should the industry go next?

Optimizing Download For a Successful Implementation Maximizing Adoption
An opportunity to ask questions on what are the best practices around download and guidance on how it should be implemented.

Evolution of Download
Where did Download start? Where are we headed? Hear what agents want in download, both for today and tomorrow. What about new Lines of Business, how should we handle non-machineable data, what exactly is non-machineable data? Also learn about new functionality in Exchange.

eDocs and Claims Download Messages Best Practices
With ACORD eDocs and Claims Download continuing to be the fastest growing industry transactions, implementers are looking at adding and enhancing these transactions, and want to benefit from others experience. This technical session is designed to help you understand common use cases, priorities of implementation and best practices.

Gaining Management Buy-In for eDocs and Messages
An insurer perspective on how to build a business case for eDocs and Messages. This peer led session will share successes and best practices on how to effectively and successfully implement eDocs and Messages with your agencies.

A Day in the Life of a Digital Agency: Panel Discussion
This panel will provide a digital agency's perspective on the importance of the industry supporting digital agencies from both a servicing and distribution standpoint, and the benefits insurers and solution providers can achieve.  

Proof of Concept: Introduction to New IVANS Solutions
Working with the IVANS Carrier, Agency and Vendor advisory boards, we are developing a set of KPIs to measure for interface performance. This session will share some of the insight we’ve gained and direction we are collectively working with our partners.